Quilley Dalby has been practicing Yoga for 40 years and facilitating Yoga Classes for 35 years.


She trained for two years with the Sivananda School of Yoga in Johannesburg and has completed a 2 year Remedial Yoga Correspondence Course with the South African Remedial Centre based in Cape Town.


Quilley has been a member of the Yoga Teachers Fellowship since 1989, when she established the Asmita Yoga Studio in Alberton. In 2008 the studio was relocated to the Auckland Park/Melville area.


The Studio is intentionally designed to be capable of holding at the most 11 participants. The intention is that the classes are small so that each person can receive individual guidance and assistance.

 The yoga Asanas (postures) are performed slowly and each person is encouraged to participate based on the requirements of their own body.  All participants (beginners, intermediate and advanced) can all join the same session.
Preggy Yoga classes are available by appointment.

 Individual appointments can be made for assistance with specific problems.